Hi! At the moment I am working on the social Sci-Fi project called ‘Weapons for Peаce’. Mankind creates weapons every day. New, more and more upgraded kinds of weapons are being developed with only one aim-to kill. And anybody hardly ever thinks that the most threatening typesof weapons, nuclear ones, have revealed what they have been made for. Created once for aggression and destruction of a living force, they have transformed into a good force — a force that restrains aggression and terror at global level. Most of the world key countries possess nuclear weapons to guarantee Peace and prevent the World War. So the question is why we keep using weapons to kill? Project ‘Weapons for Peace’ is intended to show that weapons should only be used to demonstrate the force and save people and not as a physical way of aggression to achieve selfish goals. Project ‘Weapons for Peace’ will tell us how valuable and fragile a human life is and what efforts we should take to save the life on Earth.

Val orlov 001